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Christmas 2020

hope comes from the strangest places

December 6th - December 20th

This Christmas feels different. Unlike any before.   We can’t wait for it to arrive, yet at the same time, we’re not even sure what to expect. Our world has been in chaos and, for many people, that’s been a nightmare. Perhaps for too long, we’ve sanitized Christmas with beautiful decorations, nativity figures, and houses trimmed in lights while missing the chaotic events that happened to real people around Jesus’s birth. The Messiah brought “hope” in the middle of real people’s chaos.   When we least expect it, 

hope comes in the strangest ways.

my Christmas hopE:

RockPointe has taken a look around your community and around the world and has identified over 200 people who just need some hope this Christmas. So, we've asked them, "What are you hoping for this Christmas?" Based off of those answers, we have put together a goal of $50,000 this December to help 200+ people find their Christmas Hope.

Help someone who needs some hope this Christmas, by participating in the My Christmas Hope Venmo Challenge this year.

my christmas hope  - GOAL - icon.png

One Sunday:

December 20th

9:00 am - Mask REQUIRED Service

11:00 am - Mask OPTIONAL Service

December 20th

Twice the fun!

One Sunday Event:

December 20th | 7:00pm

The Wonderful & Magnificent Night of Games & Giveaways!


Eve 2020:

Virtual Christmas Eve Special

COMING TO YOUR HOME: December 24th

Services at: 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm

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