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Helping people heal from life's hurts

Thinking about visiting one of our RockPointe campuses? What you will experience is a place to find help and healing in a non-denominational, Christian church. RockPointe is a safe place to explore faith and find community for you and your entire family.

Liberty Hill

Sundays: 9:30 AM

170 CR 214
Liberty HIll, TX 78642


Sundays: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

1070 CR 177
Leander, TX 78641


Sundays: 9:30 AM


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More than ever our schools, teachers, and students need our help and support. Teachers are burnt out. Administrations are dealing with complex issues such as teacher shortages. And then there’s the students who are dealing with all kinds of spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges. The Good news is, we can’t fix it all, but we can do something. The vision of AAS is that every RockPointe campus has a local school to support throughout the year. 


Over the course of the fall series, we will be showing up for our local schools in specific ways. 

This fall we are introducing the idea of “Third Place” into the DNA of our groups ministry. As Jesus follower, we gather on Sundays for worship. (1st place) The second place we gather is weekly as a group in a home, or at a restaurant, etc. So what is “Third Place?” A Third Place is neutral ground that is informal and non-committal. It naturally fits into the rhythms of your non Jesus-following-friends lives, and it's something we do regularly. 


“Where do people already spend time and naturally go? How can we gather there?” 


Those with jobs downtown naturally gather after their workday. For families with younger kids, this might be a park where other families and kids play.  


 A third place creates space where someone can belong before they believe. We want to do it REGULARLY, and invite those who don’t know Jesus to participate often.

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