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the good will project

Finding our way back to each other is going to be hard. We want to help.


“The Good Will Project” is a 12 day experiment in bringing “Good Will to “THEM.” (whoever THEM is in your life) 12 days. 12 opportunities. Each day, the church will be sending out a text with that day’s mission. Where did we get these ideas? From like 20 different people in our church.


Many of these ideas will be uncomfortable and challenging...but together, we can do it. Imagine the impact of all of us. (approx. 5,000 acts of unconditional love) Are you in?

Day One

Today, make something for a neighbor that you don’t normally talk to/associate with. (Cookies, tamales, tub of popcorn)


*Helpful Tip - Get your family in on the fun. 

Day Two

Today, think about someone you have had a disagreement with most recently. Reach out to them with a kind gesture. (apology text/call, hand-written note, small gift, or face to face conversation)

Day Three

Today, spend a little time praying for “THEM.” Pray for understanding, love, acceptance, and for your heart to change towards the people or person you struggle with the most.


*Helpful Tip - Share with your family how important it is to ask God for help in our relationships.


Day Four

Today, think of someone at work or in your community who is overlooked and underappreciated. Surprise them with a handwritten thank you note or a small gift card. 


*Helpful - tip - Involve your kids in creating a thank you note or small gift for the cafeteria worker or custodial worker at your child’s school. They can easily drop it off at the front desk.


Day Five

Today, give a compliment to every person you come across.


*Helpful - Tip - Before you leave the house, have a quick meeting with your family to get everybody in on this. Spend a few minutes before bed time sharing what happened. 


Day Six

Today, identify someone in your community who has had a difficult year. Call a group of friends and put together some cash or a meal. DO THIS ANONYMOUSLY.


*Helpful - tip - For a greater impact, involve friends at work, family members, your small group, or people you know that would love to help someone who’s going through it.


Day Seven

Today, spend 20 minutes scrolling through the contacts in your phone and texting people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Tell them what you appreciate about them.


Day Eight

Today, jump on Amazon and support Agape Pregnancy Center.


Day Nine

Today, spend 20 minutes reading a brief article provided by Pastor Shayne. Before reading, pray and ask God to give you more empathy towards “THEM.” Seek to learn something new.

Read the article here.


*Helpful - tip - Feel free to share with your family or a friend what you learned and what you are wrestling with.


Day Ten

Today, do something for someone who has lost a loved one. Ask God to bring someone to mind.  Make or purchase an ornament with their loved one’s name on it and deliver it to them if possible. If not, send them a note through phone call, text, social media or the mail.


*Helpful Tip - If you have kids, let them join and share with them how important it is to be present for people in grief.


Day Eleven

Today is RockPointe Community Partner Day. Jump online, select a community partner, give $5-10, post about that community partner on social media. If you do not have any extra to give, share a social media post and tag a community partner thanking them for what they do for our community.


*Helpful Tip - If you have kids, let them help you pick out which community partner to support.

The Key2free -

Hope House -


Drive A Senior -

Operation LH -


Day Twelve - Christmas Eve

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