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This past Fall, Hurricane Laura ripped through Southeast Texas and Louisiana. So many people are experiencing devastating losses as they try and salvage their belongings and rebuild their lives.

So in order to help people heal from life's hurts, RockPointe has been busy connecting with local churches in the area to organize disaster relief trips.

The next disaster relief trip:

July 29 - 31


Want to make a difference? Sign up to go on the next Disaster Relief Trip!

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memorial blood drive

Sign up now to secure your spot. The mobile blood drive will be on our campuses Sunday, July 25. Follow the links below to sign up!

covid-19 response

From the very beginning, RockPointe Church has been all about helping people heal from life's hurts, and that's not stopping now! Below you will find a couple of ways to continue to serve your communities.


While these are opportunities to serve your community, we want to remind you they are also resources for you during this time! You can use these resources to receive any help you may need during this time or contact us at 512-259-8872 or info@rockpointechurch.com

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hill country community ministries food pantry

Hill Country Community Ministries is offering curbside food pantry pick up to those in need. An appointment is required.

For more information, call: 512-259-0360 or visit:


help, don't hoard

Help, Don’t Hoard is our way to help find items that are limited or non-existent in stores. These pages let you make known what you need from those who have extra and share what you have with those in need. These groups are a community effort and open to everyone in our area!


Help, Don't Hoard Facebook Groups:

Don't have Facebook? Let us help you! If you are in need of anything, please reach out and we will be happy to do what we can to get you connected with what you need.


Call: 512-259-8872 or email: info@rockpointechurch.com