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Find the right fit for you!

Find your place. Make a difference! RockPointe Church is full of diverse people, and God made each of us to serve in different ways. Look through the teams below to find an in-person or digital serving opportunity that fits you! Whether you attend a RockPointe location or entirely online, we know there’s a role out there that fits your God-given talents. And don’t worry, we offer specialized training so you can always feel confident each time you serve!

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Guest Services

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This team exists with the “guest in mind.” Our guest service team exists to greet everyone with a smile, hold the door open, welcome people as they enter our campus, help them feel at home and find where they are going. Through greeting, you can make RockPointe the most friendly Church in Texas.


Cafe volunteers deliver excellent coffee and cafe drinks to guests in a warm and welcoming space. You’ll get to be a RPC barista, connect with people at the cafe, and contribute to making the Sunday experience great for everyone. 

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Ushers & Auditorium Doors


Environments matter, and for this serving opportunity, it starts as guests enter the Auditorium. So much goes into service planning and executing a Sunday service, and at the doors, you’ll welcome people into their experience, help hand out the YOU Card, and manage opening and closing the doors to help set the tone for the service at the start and finish.


Can you imagine showing up to Church late and trying to find your seat in the dark auditorium? A key function to ushering is navigating guests to an open seat with ease and staying ready to add chairs when the auditorium is over normal seating capacity. That’s a good problem to have and a good problem to help solve.

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Campus Setup or Teardown

Before and after services on Sundays our setup team sets the table for our church family and guests to have a great church experience. We provide the what, where and how, you provide the hands that make it happen.

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Semester Small Group Leaders

Our semester small group leaders help people find friends and grow their faith and heal from life’s hurts. Are you a gatherer of people and have a passion for seeing people connect? As a group leader you can utilize your influence and relational skills to help people not feel alone and move forward in their faith. Being a semester group leader is organizing and leading regular group gatherings, taking care of group members when someone is sick or has a major life event. (ex. Spring, Summer, Fall)

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Campus Baptism Coordinator

When someone makes the decision to follow Jesus, baptisms are a celebration of new life and a person’s next spiritual step. You can use your organizational and people skills to help coordinate, host and prepare for the big day.

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Elementary Small Group Leader (K-5th Grade)

Lead kids in small groups with activities that help support the large group lesson. Every kid needs positive adult influences to help them grow.


Elementary Service Lead (K-5th Grade)

Lead a kids Sunday morning service with video worship, video lesson, and support small group leaders with activities. Help kids grow spiritually and feel supported.

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Youth Volunteers (K-5th Grade)

Bring the energy. Help support kids in small groups with activities and games.


Check In/New Family Host

Create a friendly and excellent first impression for new families. Help new and returning families check their kids into the RPK ministry. This helps create an environment of security for parents to trust.

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Nursery - Infants/23 Months

Simple activities for babies/young toddlers. Create a safe and nurturing environment for babies. 

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Preschool - Ages 2-5

Video based curriculum & worship, hands on activities that support the lesson. Play based biblical learning. We provide the content and training for you to invest into our RockPointe kids.

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Camera Operators

Are you the creative type? RockPointe production team is on a mission to improve the online experience for our online community and Liberty Hill campus. Camera operators help us capture our services to broadcast online. If you are a fan of photography, art, or design, this would be a great opportunity for you. 

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Service Producer

The Service producer is like the mom/dad of the band and production team. They are behind the scenes making it all happen. If you like leading a team, executing plans with excellence, and helping people experience RockPointe’s services, this is the right place for you.

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Light Programming

Our RockPointe services, and especially the music is enhanced by lighting design. Have you ever noticed how the lights move and change to the music? Are you creative and like how things look visually? This is the perfect opportunity for you to volunteer on the production team as a light programmer. It’s easier than you think.


Graphics Operator

Does it bother you when the lyrics don’t change fast enough or there’s a misspelling? You could solve this problem by serving as the graphics operator. This volunteer position controls what you see on the screens and when. If you’re a detail oriented person and you like for things to be just right, this is the spot for you.


Technical Director

Have you seen all the cameras around RockPointe Leander? There’s a volunteer position that tells those camera operators what to do. By volunteering as the technical director, you can create an excellent service for people to watch online and at our Liberty Hill campus. If you are creative, like watching movies and get into how cameras work, this is a great opportunity for you to use your nack for technical creativity. It’s not as hard as you think it is and training is free of charge. :-)

Woman Working at Mixing Console

Audio Engineer

Do you love music and making things sound good? Does it bother you when you can’t hear the guitar enough? You speak our language. Across our campuses, there are 3 audio engineers each Sunday. By volunteering as an audio engineer (technical term for sound guy) you can help people hear the message of Jesus with excellence. 

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Working with Spreadsheets

"YOU Card" Data Entry 

Data entry people are amazing. If you like working behind the scenes and inputting data to make stuff happen, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Data entry is a vital in helping people take spiritual next steps and get connected to RockPointe through the YOU Card.

Team Meeting

“How Can I Help” Booth Host 

Do you enjoy connecting with people and getting to know them? Are you known for being friendly? You can use your personality and heart for people to help guest at our gatherings feel at home and get connected to RockPointe. Don't worry, the training and information are provided.

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Raising Hands

RPY - Leander

Every students needs someone to believe in them, care about them, and help them navigate some really difficult years of life. At RockPointe Youth (RPY), we create engaging environments where students belong and experience growth through messages students can understand, small groups, food, and fun. 

Raising Hands

RPY - Liberty Hill

Every students needs someone to believe in them, care about them, and help them navigate some really difficult years of life. At RockPointe Youth (RPY), we create engaging environments where students belong and experience growth through messages students can understand, small groups, food, and fun. 

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Band Performance

Leander & Liberty Hill Musicians

(Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Bass)

Music is medicine. Use your musical skills to help people experience God. It wouldn’t be RockPointe without our brand of Church music. Come be a part of a family of growing musicians who take our job seriously and have some serious fun. (Audition required.)

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Using Tools

Maintenance Team

  • Electricians (L.H. parking lot) asap.

  • Any kind of construction. Inside or out.  

  • Auditorium resetters. 10:30-11am on Sundays.

  • Plumbers

  • Painters

It's Time to get Started!

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